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Project Description


It was New York City, the year was 2018, and Vegandale was gearing up for yet another beautiful celebration in it’s 4th major city.

My buddy John Lewis was getting ready to emcee, Grey ready to perform, 125 vendors ready to throw down and 25,000 attendees ready for this celebration!

While I was brought in to get some great content for John & Grey, I knew I could help the vendors as well. 

With Vegandale getting some amazing publicity, I wanted to make sure the individual vendors were getting just as much love, so this celebration could lift everyone’s business up and move this amazing mission forward.

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To get this right, a few things needed to happen:

  • Keep John’s schedule in mind and be at the stage ready to document his experience throughout the day

  • Keep Grey’s schedule in mind and be at the stage ready to document his experience throughout the day

  • Pop around to the vendors of the festival, getting beautiful quality photos for them to market themselves

  • Exporting the photos from my camera immediately

  • Edit the food photos to highlight the deliciousness of the vendor’s menu items

  • Deliver the photos to the vendor within minutes so they can use them on social media to market themselves

  • Give a marketing strategy to each vendor on how to tag and post the images to get everyone at the festival to see their product and know where to find them at this massive festival

  • Put my money where my mouth is and help the vendors get ROI for their investment to be at the festival


With countless vendors highlighted and helped at this festival, we’re very proud and honored to have attended to help this mission move forward.

Here are some of our photos from Vegandale NYC 2018:

John Lewis

Ube Kitchen

Freakin Vegans

No Bones Beach Club

Vegan Outlawz

15 Minutes Can Change The Game

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Yeah Dawg



This 2018 Vegandale NYC was a success in every sense of the word.

There were so many incredible Vegan Restaurants vending at this festival and it was absolute honor to serve them!

We look forward to being part of many more Vegan celebrations to come and helping every Vegan Restaurant on their journey!

With that said, let’s see what we can create together! Book your free demo today and let’s get the ball rolling!

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