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Project Description


The 2018 Vegan Soulfest in Baltimore, MD was a heavily anticipated event. With big names like Mya & Grey performing, along with many Vegan influencers like John Lewis & Vinny Vegan, we knew it was going to be a huge event. With that said, nobody was expecting a blockbuster of 25,000 people to celebrate this special day, but we’re so happy it happened.

Our mission was very simple… document this amazing celebration from as many angles as possible and showcase the day’s amazing Vegan vendors, performers and attendees.

Showing the world what happened here today may inspire many more to join us next year, at the 2019 Vegan Soulfest, so let’s make it happen!

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To get this right, a few things needed to happen:

  • Have skilled videographers around the festival to be where the action is & ready to document it

  • Film the action in a way that translates the excitement and overall vibe of the festival

  • Edit the footage into a quality promo video that re-creates the emotion & excitement actually at the festival

  • Format the video for YouTube and Instagram and the marketing materials needed to upload and promote

  • Digitally transfer the footage in a way that preserved the image quality for maximum impact on the viewer

  • Use our social platforms to assist in the promotion of event promo video

  • Build excitement and anticipation amongst thousands of people thru social media for the 2019 Vegan Soulfest


The film was an absolute SUCCESS in every way possible.  The organizers of Vegan Soulfest loved the film.  The vendors & performers featured were very impressed with how they were showcased. Vegans on social media that attended were celebrating the memory by re-watching the film. People who didn’t attend, but watched the film messaged us like crazy asking about when the next festival would be.

and Vegan Soulfest was nominated for the 2018-2019 National Fest X Award and used this promo video to send in to support their nomination.

From start to finish, Vegan Soulfest was an absolutely amazing experience for tens of thousands of people and added incredible momentum to this Vegan movement. It was an honor to share in this experience and to help to tell this story!

With that said, let’s see what we can create together!

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