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Project Description


We first met Enzo a few years back as customers of Sprout Natural Choice. After just going Vegan, finding great, local places to eat and help with the transition was a must

As time went by, we started becoming friends and sharing our business goals with each other.  At the time, Enzo was doing a lot of the marketing for Sprout Natural Choice by himself, so we discussed a couple opportunities we had to collaborate together.

One opportunity was to document one of his most loyal customers’ experience at Sprout in video format to use in his marketing efforts and to inspire others on a similar journey. The other opportunity was to get high quality, mouth watering food photos of his delicious menu to also use in his marketing efforts.

So that was the mission, let’s see how it unfolded.

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To get this right, a few things needed to happen:

  • Get the messaging right for the testimonial video with a detailed storyboard

  • Film the testimonial video within the Sprout Natural Choice location to paint a great picture of what their most passionate customers are excited about

  • Edit the footage into a quality promo video that properly communicates the message

  • Format the video for YouTube and Instagram and the marketing materials needed to upload and promote

  • Digitally transfer the footage in a way that preserved the image quality for maximum impact on the viewers

  • Use our social platforms to assist in the promotion of the testimonial video on release day for maximum impact for Sprout Natural Choice

  • Professionally photograph Sprout Natural Choice’s delicious menu items in a way that makes people on social media drool like crazy and can’t wait to get some

  • Use our social media platforms to spread the Sprout Natural Choice message to a bigger audience

  • Provide Enzo a high level marketing consultation on how to best use the video and photos to build a local following and move his business forward


Here’s a couple photos from the photoshoot:

As an update on Sprout Natural Choice, since our last project together, Enzo and his team have opened their second location within LA Fitness and they are on a great trajectory. Enzo is a great person, his business is focused on serving and he has a beautiful journey ahead of him. We’re excited to help him in any way he needs, so together, we can help serve more people vegan food, more often.

Cheers to the continued success of Sprout Natural Choice!

Let’s see what we can create!

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