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Project Description


We first met Chef Bobby and his amazing team back in the Summer of 2018. They had just upgraded into a shared commercial kitchen space, they had new packaging on the way, and they wanted to tell their amazing story in a way that would get awareness out to the masses. We agreed that for the promotion to work, We wanted actual footage of them in the kitchen, showing how much care, love and attention they put into every treat. We traveled to Long Island, NY and was welcomed with open arms by Chef Bobby and his amazing team. Their space and process was so great to witness live. We got to taste their delicious, organic, raw vegan treats and the rest is history!

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To get this right, a few things needed to happen:

  • Get the messaging right for the promotional video with a storyboard

  • Film within the Pleasant Petite kitchen space, showing the tender loving care their put into all of their treats

  • Edit the footage into a quality promo video that communicates their message to their desired audience

  • Format the video for YouTube and Instagram and the marketing materials needed to upload and promote

  • Digitally transfer the footage in a way that preserved the image quality for maximum impact on the viewer

  • Use our social platforms to assist in the promotion of video on release day


Chef Bobby and the Pleasant Petites team went absolutely wild over this final product.

It was such a pleasure to be able to deliver these beautiful emotions to them and their audience via this film.  Everyone deserves to have their story told like this, and we’re honored to have been able to collaborate with Pleasant Petites on this campaign.

Let’s see what we can create together!

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